Depressed? Try painting a smile on stuff
Some tones crack bridges. These tones crack pyramid scheme cognitive awareness.
Pound for pound, your weight is holding up better than the U.S. dollar
Character StudyListen now (5 min) | Ancient texts are often found preserved in Jars. Yum.
War and PeaceListen now (7 min) | Poke a beehive to get 1000 angry bees. Poke a gingerbread house to get 1000 angry gingerbread men.
Little Drummer BoyListen now (5 min) | Rhythm creates structures, and you are BREATHING
Virtual SurrealityListen now (7 min) | I'm a photographer from the sun, the moon is in the perfect light
Creeping GreensListen now (6 min) | Trees are too impotent to understand Icarus, there's a lesson in that
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